Chibuike Ogbuanu CEO, Chibyke GlobalChibuike is a seasoned Aviator transporter and logistics provider who has worked with various airlines, logistics service providers and cargo consolidators, in the past 12 years before establishing his own company – CHIBYKE GLOBAL SYSTEMS LIMITED, which began as CHIBYK VENTURES NIGERIA.

While in the services of the above-mentioned organization, Mr Ogbuanu worked in various departments namely:

  • Cargo/Baggage Handling.
  • Courier/ Parcel Services.
  • Marketing.

With the type of experience he has gathered over the past ten years of service, he is able to effectively pilot the ship of the affairs of CHIBYKE GLOBAL SYSTEMS LIMITED.

Chibuike is married with children and currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

He blogs regularly about freight forwarding and shipping for business success at ChibykeGlobal Blog.