7 Signs You Should Hire A Pickup and Delivery Service

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Are you a business owner, retail store owner or a worker in a corporate organization that requires you shipping parcels to your customers on a regular basis? You are about to discover 7 signs that indicate it’s time to hire a pickup and delivery service. Keep reading.


  1. Rising Cost of Vehicle Expenses:

You suddenly discover that you’re spending so much money on vehicle maintenance, repairs and fuel just to ship your company’s parcel or get your aso ebi clothes to your friends and relative. It’s time to reduce these unnecessary expenses and saves money by outsourcing your delivery to a dispatch service company. Now you can deliver your clothes to the laundry man and get it picked too. So save that fuel — you will need it later!


  1. Waste of Precious Time:

You now realize that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for running errands, going to work, doing daily tasks, running to the market, or dry cleaners. It’s time to stop running around in circles and hire a pickup and delivery service to save you time.


  1. Losing focus on your core competency:

You’ve started losing focus on the things you enjoy doing most in your business that brings you higher return on investment. Rather what you do now is worry about deliveries, traffic and all of the stressors that come with managing your deliveries in-house and on your own. My friend, it’s time to hire a dispatch delivery service that allows you to focus on the business side of things while the service handles all things related to the actual delivery, from pickup to drop off.


  1. Disappointment from Employees:

Did you just find out that getting your employees to do deliveries for you suddenly increased expenses on health insurance or retirement plan, Overtime pay, Worker’s compensation, Paid time off and sick time? Hmm… it’s time to get help.


  1. High risk and liability: As a business owner, you already take on risk and liability associated with accident claims by using an in-house or staff member to handle deliveries. Hiring a dispatch service will save you business money on insurance premiums, and associated increases, by outsourcing your deliveries and other needs to a dispatcher.


  1. Increase in training and certifications expenses:

You know how much of an investment, both in time and money, it is to conduct thorough trainings and orientations for your drivers to deliver your goods efficiently. Using a dispatcher eliminates the need for you, as a business owner, to manage all of the training and certifications needed. Dispatch services handle all aspects of this, eliminating yet another “to-do” and responsibility from your list.


  1. Loss of Energy: After a long day of work (or play), you are probably tired. The last thing you want to do is get up and run another errand. You need to hire a friendly dispatch service provider to pick up your parcels with no hassle.


At Chibyke Global, many of our clients lead busy lives. We understand that you cannot always get to the dry cleaners when you need to. That is why we provide pick-up and delivery service to our valued customers.


Need help with shipping your parcel? Hire Chibyke Global today.


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3 Responses

  1. Charu Sharma

    Really useful information. Thanks for sharing. Pickups are ultimate tools for delivery services and they are safer.

    • Chibyke Global

      Thanks Charu,you are very correct!!

  2. Chibyke Global

    Thanks too Excelsior

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