7 Ways Nigerian Customs Service Strike Affects Air Freight Services

7 Ways Nigerian Customs Service Strike Affects Air Freight Services

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The recent closure of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos cargo terminal by the Nigeria Customs Service has brought untold hardship to the operations of the Nigerian Freight Forwarders and the Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents.

This ugly incidence arose following the clash between the Customs clearing agents and Customs officials.

How does this closure by the Nigeria Customs Service affect everyone that stakes their funds to import goods for the 2014 Yuletide business?

Here are 7 Ways the On-going Nigerian Customs Service Strike Affects Air Freight Services

1.    The closure of the warehouses will result to loss of billions of naira on the side of the agents, ground handlers and even government agencies.

2.    It hampers the 48hrs cargo clearance policy of the Federal government. When there is strike your goods are stuck in the warehouse and there will be no sales.

3.    It can lead to loss of clients on the part of the importers. Many of them may not be able to meet up with the obligations with their banks.

4.    It affects our trade image globally thereby slowing down the facilitation of trade with our foreign partners.

5.    Loss and damages to perishable cargoes.

6.    Theft and pilfering of un-cleared cargoes at the tarmac/ shade.

7.    Huge loss of revenue on the part of the clearing agents/importers, airport authorities and the Nigeria customs.

How Can Nigerian Air Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearing Agents Prevent This Incidence From Repeating Itself In The Future?

1.    The importers/agents should at all times make proper declaration and pay real duties to the customs.
2.    The only way the sector could move forward was for all players especially in the cargo clearing and forwarding business to work together as a team, and assured that the cargo business would be run professionally.

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