50 Hot Selling Products To Import & Make Profits in Nigeria

50 Hot Selling Products To Import & Make Profits in Nigeria

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If you have been wondering what items to import into Nigeria and make your profits, here’s your chance.

The good thing is that the Nigerian market is so wide enough and demand for items that improves their lifestyle is forever increasing.

Therefore, smart importers like you and I can jump on this golden opportunity to reap the gains attached.

Err…that depends on if you know exactly what item to import that sells really fast.

The first thing to do before importing is to take a good look around you to see what people’s needs are.

  • Survey the market,
  • ask your friends what their needs are,
  • check out what devices people use daily,
  • Find out which products can be used to alleviate their frustrations, sufferings or improve their lifestyle.

So let’s move on to the top 50 fast-selling products you can import into Nigeria starting right now.

  1. Candle (With Sweet Fragrance Used For Decorations)
  2. Power Bank: Nobody likes carrying a smartphone without empty battery.
  3. Memory Cards: To save those precious files.
  4. Apple: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We love apples!
  5. Ear Phones: For music lovers
  6. Decoder: DSTV, Startimes, Gotv, etc.
  7. Screen Guard: To protect your screen
  8. Car Trackers: When you need to track your unsuspecting driver’s whereabouts.
  9. Wireless Server: You know what it is. All things wireless.
  10. Hair Extensions: Ladies love their hair extensions.
  11. Games: To keep boredom at bay.
  12. Wrist Watches: To monitor their tight schedule.
  13. Camera: Who doesn’t need to capture beautiful moments such as weddings, birthdays, seminars, etc.?
  14. Chargeable Lamps/Solar Lamps: Because of epileptic power supply by PHCN.
  15. Printers: Because people need to print documents and business cards.
  16. Scanners: To scan documents in offices.
  17. Phone Screens: To protect smartphone screens from cracking when it falls on the floor.
  18. Beehives: For bee farmers.
  19. Vacuum Cleaners: To clean the homes of the nouveau rich.
  20. Books (Textbooks): Because every student needs notebooks to pour in the knowledge they learn daily.
  21. Solar Energy Storage: For long-lasting, uninterrupted power su.ly..
  22. CCTV Cameras: Security cameras – banks, hotels, and businesses need this.
  23. Projectors: For summits, events, seminars and demo presentations.
  24. Phone Panels: It’s a no-brainer, really.
  25. Clothes: To look good and confident.
  26. Shoes: We all need shoes on our feet.
  27. Fashion Bags: Nigerian ladies love to own one in their wardrobe.
  28. Fabrics: for looking good at owambe parties.
  29. Beddings: to make our sleep more comfortable.
  30. New Under Garments: We need to feel good.
  31. Lawn Mowing Machines: For maintaining beautiful gardens and lawns across homes and cities.
  32. Fumigating Machines: To keep those annoying pests at bay in offices and homes.
  33. Computer Accessories: a must-have for a functional computer or laptop.
  34. Bathroom Accessories & Water Closets: because people need to make their bathrooms stylish and comfortable.
  35. Cookers: So our wives, aunties and mothers can keep serving us those delicious meals without stress.
  36. Electric Bulbs: Let there be light in our homes and offices! Nobody loves groping in the dark.
  37. Motor Parts: So our cars remain on the roads and not in the garage. Even mechanics need those.
  38. Tricycle Parts: For our Keke Marwa/tricycle owners to remain in the transportation business.
  39. Generator Parts: Until our electricity becomes constant, we will continue to buy generators.
  40. Motorcycle Parts: For our millions of Okada riders.
  41. Electronic Home Appliances: For a fully functional home and happy housewife.
  42. Car Batteries: “I love it when my car battery refuses to start”, said no car owner ever.
  43. Car Stereos: For car owners to listen to while caught up in traffic jams.
  44. Electrical Equipment: For powering the nation’s energy resources.
  45. Clinical Equipment: For medical treatment and surgical operations.
  46. Musical Instruments: For our music artists to entertain their adoring fans.
  47. Building Materials: For building construction companies and landlords.
  48. Female Make-Up Kits: Because our ladies love their makeup to be on fleek!
  49. Sports Kits: For sportsmen and women and lovers of fitness.
  50. Laboratory Equipment: For the medical and health care industries.
  51. New Toys: Both kids and adults need toys for various reasons.

I hope you learnt a lot from this article. Now go and import them.

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