21 Export & Import Questions Nigerians #AskChibykeGlobal Plus Answers

21 Export & Import Questions Nigerians #AskChibykeGlobal Plus Answers

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Over the years, we’ve answered a series of import and export questions asked by our esteemed Nigerian customers, concerning our freight forwarding and shipping services.

We have collated these questions and will answer them here and in future blog posts titled – #AskChibykeGlobal.

Here are 21 Export & Import Questions Nigerians ask ChibykeGlobal with answers:

1. If I have a shipment (Goods) of about 5 tonnes in Dubai, can I send it at once to Nigeria?

Answer: Yes you can. Depending on the aircraft available. But we advise you break it into 1 tonne each, so that it can be shipped quickly without delay.

2. What’s the length of time to estimate between arrival of the shipment from Dubai at airport, and when will goods be released or delivered to me? In other words, how long is the processing period for clearing?

Answer: It depends on the booking and the operating aircraft. But normally, our time lead is 7 working day maximum for shipments to be sent from Dubai to Lagos and customs clearance. Delivery to your doorstep depends on the arrangement we have with you. You can come to our Lagos office for pickup.

3. If I am to import some items (e.g. inverter, small transformers, inverter casing) from India, what would be your terms of service? Does the $7 per kg for freight and N500/kg for customs clearance take care of pick up from your office?

Answer: The $7 per kg for freight and N500 per kg for customs clearance is all it will take your goods to come from India to our office in Lagos, and you pick it up. No hidden charges attached.

4. Does your company do mail forwarding. Can I buy items from the U.S and you will give me a U.S. shipping address to ship it to that will deliver my items to me in Nigeria?

Answer: We pick and ship your goods from anywhere in the world to Nigeria down to the comfort of your home.

5. I was made to believe that you can help in procuring goods for clients apart from delivery. Can you confirm this?

Answer: We do not procure, but we transfer money for clients to their suppliers in China. We also assist our clients to verify the credibility of their suppliers especially in China before they make payment or order their goods. But we DO NOT purchase or order goods for our customers.

6. Do you charge a fee for this verification and money transfers?

Answer: Apart from the bank transfer charges which occur when transferring money, we don’t charge a dime from our customers for verification and money transfer. These are one of the services we render to our customers to ensure that they are in safe hands when importing goods abroad. It’s absolutely free of charge.

7. Do you ship by express galaxy tabs from China to Nigeria? If yes, how many days does it take to reach Nigeria? Can you help remit money to a business partner in China?

Answer: Yes, we do and it takes 5 working days to be in Lagos Nigeria. And we can help you remit money to a business partner in China.

8. What’s the cost of sending 20 litres of Honey to Dubai?

Answer: To ship 20 litres of honey from Nigeria to Dubai will cost you $12.5 USD per kg

9. What are the costs of shipping jewelleries and human hair extension from China and Dubai to Nigeria?

a. 1kg to 10kg of hair cost N35, 000 NGN for air freight and customs clearance at the port (Flat rate).
b. From 11kg of hair to 25kg of hair cost N65,000 for air freight and customs clearance (Flat rate).
c. From 26kg of hair to 49kg cost 90,000 for airfreight and customs clearance.
d. From 50kg of hair and above cost N1,200 per kg for both airfreight and customs clearance.
The above rate does not include pickup from your seller in China. Delivery within Lagos is free!

10. I want to make an order from China Guangdong) and the weight of the product which is external hard drive is 0.150kg. How much will it cost me to ship it to Nigeria and how do I go about it?

Answer: It will cost you N15,000 NGN for freight, customs clearance and delivery to your doorstep.

11. Apart from shipping from anywhere in the world, do you also do interstate delivery like shipping from Lagos to Abuja and other states in Nigeria?

Answer: We ship domestically from Lagos to any other part of the country and vice versa.

12. Can Chibyke Global repackage goods and dispatch to Ghana, Cameroun, Libya and some other African countries?

Answer. Yes, we repackage your goods and send to those countries accordingly.

13. Do you have a pricing plan?

Answer: See our freight pricing plan http://www.chibykeglobal.com/pricing

14. I wanted to buy some goods(wristwatches and jewelries) from China. Can you do the following for me?
a. Help to pay to the seller if I pay to your account?
b. Receive the goods from different sellers and packed it before shipping to Lagos?
c. What is the minimum kg you can ship?

a. Yes, we can pay the seller on your behalf.
b. Yes, we can receive goods from different sellers in China, store in our warehouse, repackage and send down to Lagos Nigeria on your behalf.
c. We can ship as low as 1kg from China to Nigeria.

15. Can you help me purchase, ship and clear cars from any country to Nigeria?

Answer: Yes, we can. But you will need to specify the car model and country.

16. I have about 150 kilos of foodstuff in Nigeria. Can you tell me how much it costs to export it to Italy?

Answer: We charge $12 per kg to export foodstuff from Nigeria to Italy.

17. I have an 8kg parcel in the U.K. How much will it cost me to bring it to Abuja?

Answer: N45,000 Naira all inclusive.

18. I intend to ship footwear from Johannesburg, South Africa to Uyo, Nigeria. Do you have a receiving/handling office in South Africa? What is your freight rate? My cargo should weigh between 50kg to 100kg. Transit and delivery time estimate will be appreciated.

Answer: We have a big warehouse in Johannesburg South Africa which can conveniently accommodate your 100kg worth of foot wears. We charge $5 per kg for freight and 600 Naira per kg for customs clearance in Nigeria. Local freight to your doorstep in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state cost 450 naira per kg. Transit time is twice a week. It takes 4-5 working days to get to your doorstep.

19. I want to air freight a 200kg prototype car from Nigeria to Rotterdam, Netherlands. I want to know the cost implication and how fast it can get there?

Answer: $12 per kg for export. All inclusive.

20. I move my Nigerian foodstuffs from Nigeria to Dubai on a regular basis. I would like to know your charges and duration of movement. Do you send palm oil too? Any contraband goods for Dubai, am just starting the business over there and its mostly foodstuffs. Can you pick the goods from my address in Nigeria in send it to me in Dubai?

Answer: We charge N45,000 NGN for shipments from 1kg to 20kgs, any kilos from 21kgs and above is $5USD all inclusive. Our duration movement is 3 working days. We can send palm oil and we can pick up the items from anywhere in Nigeria and send to you in Dubai in 3 working days.

21. I noticed that Chibyke Global handles express shipping. Is there no option for normal shipping that will take 15days?

Answer. Normal shipping is $6.5 per kg, from 1kg to 10kg costs N15,000 NGN flat rate. Customs clearance remains the same (N500 per kg).

There you have it. Do you have further questions? Ask in the comments box below.

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    Hello World! Discover another tremendous Nigerian who is boldly rendering genuine service and growing his business.
    Sir, no questions to ask you but to appreciate your thorough and diligent approach to your business, it is worthy of commendation, please keep it up, you would send be bigger than some foreign brands soon. God bless.

    • Chibuike Ogbuanu

      Thank you so very much Oluwatoba, God bless you too.

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