Fuel Crisis On Domestic Delivery In Nigeria

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Nigeria is the biggest exporter of petroleum in Africa and one of the world’s largest exporters, it is also the one country in the world where its citizens often have to live through months of fuel scarcity. This is not the only paradox that defines Nigeria, but it is one of the most telling of its many ironies. The current fuel scarcity cannot be isolated from the history of petroleum export and fuel supply in Nigeria.

As Nigerians suffered under the current acute fuel scarcity, It is no doubt that whenever there is a scarcity of petroleum products in Nigeria, the economy suffers. These comprise of transportation industries both small and medium scale enterprises, food items etc.

The Freight forwarding and clearing industry is not left out of this for obvious reasons. The major effect of fuel crisis on Cargo clearance and delivery is that Clearing Agents, Customs officers and other Government officials do resume work late due to non-availability of commuting buses to work, and also lack of fuel for delivery vehicles to ensure goods are transported to end-users for door-to-door delivery services.


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Again, the cost of delivering containers and general Cargoes to various warehouses across the country will be too high. Just last week, Air Cargo aircraft were unable to fly into Nigeria due to non-availability of Aviation fuel. Domestic airlines operates skeletal and in some cases, outright cancellation of flights.

In summary, it is not a good time for Clearing Agents/Importers as most of them will not be smiling to the bank.

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