How to Choose the Best From A Crowd of Nigerian Freight Forwarding Companies

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Are you serious about cargo shipping? If YES, then you must have
already started looking for Nigerian freight forwarding companies.

But, did you know that not every Nigerian cargo and freight company
can provide you with all kinds of shipping services which you may
require when you to moving to different country or state. Some of
Nigerian freight forwarding companies are really professional in the
services they offer, while there are many of them which you may not
find good for your needs.

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Now, the main thing is what you should be really doing so that you can
make the right choice of freight forwarding company. Here are few
rewarding points which you should really consider when choosing a
freight and cargo handling or haulage company:

  •  The international freight and cargo moving company should provide international car shipping services. Transferring your vehicle to another country along with household goods is definitely a tough and cumbersome task. And if the car which you are moving to another place is expensive like an Hummer Jeep, you get more concerned about it. You should be choosing a freight and cargo movement company which can protect your car from scratches, denting etc. Usually such kinds of denting, scratching and micro scratching is quite common during international freight forwarding.
  •  The freight and cargo moving company should provide affordable international moving solutions. Price is always one of the key factors which can either make or unmake your decision. For example if you are opting for international car shipping then you would need to look for container services. If the price of container is high, it would simply add to cumulative shipping price and as the result of which you have to pay huge shipping fee. Therefore, it is always better that you shop for budget international moving company so that you do not drill a hole in your pocket.
  • The Nigerian freight and cargo moving company should be reliable and professional. An unprofessional company will play havoc with your cargo. There are chances that such types of international moving companies may even break your fragile goods without accepting the responsibility for it. Therefore, make sure that you shop and compare the services and solutions offered by the international moving company prior to making a final decision for it. The crux is that you should not be in a hurry to make the choice.
  • The international freight shipping and cargo moving company should not take extra charges for providing door to door shipping services.

When you sign the service contract with international moving company
make sure that the company is including the charges of door to door
shipping. Discuss with the cargo and freight company on this point in
as much detail as you can, for eliminating the air of doubt, if any. A
delay in the beginning will rather be a safe start.

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Follow these points seriously so that you can hire smooth freight
forwarding services which are meant to fulfill your international
moving needs and requirements.

Happy Shipping!

About the Author:
Chibuike Ogbuanu is the Founder/CEO of  Nigeria’s Foremost Freight-Forwarding & logistics Company – Chibyke Global Systems Limited. Where he provides reliable air freight-forwarding services across Nigeria consistently.

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4 Responses

  1. Hyden Louis

    It is very difficult for someone to choose the best company from various options.Certain tips can really help in that situation to choose the best company which will offer you the great services in return.The points you mentioned for that in your post seems really helpful.Thanks for sharing it.

    • Chibyke Global

      My pleasure. I’m glad you found it helpful.

  2. Cargo Freight Shipping

    Yes it very difficult to select the best company..Without any experience or without any talk(with any knowledge), and we can assume that which is the best company..
    Hope this article will going to help for those who haven’t have any experiences…

    • Chibyke Global

      I’m sure it will help many of them. Thanks for sharing your comment

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