What Products Can I Import or Export From Abroad To Nigeria?

What Products Can I Import or Export From Abroad To Nigeria?

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Every year, Nigerians are seeking fast selling goods to import from China, India, Dubai, Turkey, U.S, and U.K to Nigeria. From our experience, we’ve discovered top 19 products that are being imported into Nigeria daily. If this is your first time or you’re just wondering what you can import, then this article is for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular products you can import from abroad and sell in Nigeria.

  1. Industrial machines like Rice processing mills, Palm oil processing mills, Sugar processing mills, Agro- processing machinates etc.
  2. Electronics (Used and New), Fridges and Air conditioners. Most dealer, Importers and traders do bring these items as fully built. The essence of bringing them as CKD (Complete Knocked Down) is to create local job for our citizens and as such attract lower duty rate while fully built attract higher duty rate.
  3. Auto parts and engines,(Used and New)
  4. Furniture (Complete knocked down i.e. in pieces) Imported fully built furniture is contraband it is liable to seizure.
  5. Electrical Equipment
  6. Heavy duty machines
  7. Musical equipment
  8. Oil drilling rigs
  9. Tele communication equipment
  10. Power generation equipment
  11. Mining equipment
  12. Hospitals/Medical equipment (Hospital equipment are duty free, while medical equipment such as, syringes, hand cloves, cotton wool, surgical blades etc. attract 5% duty.
  13. Raw materials of all kinds
  14. Chemical of all kinds
  15. Building materials such as: Tiles, Roofing sheets, Sanitary wares etc.
  16. Air craft parts and engines.
  17. Text books, Literature and other religious materials such as bible, magazines, tracts etc.
  18. Generators of all sizes.
  19. Drugs and herbal medicines(Approved route is strictly by air freight)

Did we miss anything out? Share in the comments with us.

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