Land, Air, or Ocean Freight Shipping: Which Is Best For Nigerians?

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Land, Air, or Ocean Freight Shipping: Which Is Best For Nigerians?Freight shipping in Nigeria can be quite stressful if it is the first time you need to use a type of company, especially if you are going to be sending a large amount of cargo to or from foreign countries. However, using the services of a good customer service freight agent will help you to get everything organized, because he or/she will explain the shipping process in great detail and will give you all of the relevant tracking info needed so you can confidently track your shipment with ease. The customer service staff are there to help and should also help you to decide which transport options will best fit your needs; they will also give you the correct forms to fill out, which will ask everything about your planned trip and destination. If you need to transport a package to a foreign destination, it doesn’t matter about the size of your shipment, although bigger items will obviously cost more to ship than smaller items.

The freight shipping company that you choose can make a huge difference in the quality of service received by you and or your representative. When you are researching these companies to find out which is best suited to your personal needs, it is more than just a case of choosing a the company that can offer the lowest price, you should always check for the company that offers a great customer service as well as a competitive price. Customer service advisers can help you understand things such as; transportation times, they will keep you advised if a delay has occurred during the transportation of your cargo. There are numerous reasons that could potentially cause a delay in the transportation of your goods. A good customer care service worker will be able to keep you informed if something unexpected happens.

So which of the three main freight mediums (land, ocean and air) is suitable for you to transport cargo on a local and international level?

  • Land based transportation: if you are transporting items locally in Nigeria, then you should find a land based company who can deliver your items on a truck. Truck transportation is usually the least expensive way to send your cargo.
  • Air Freight: The fastest way to transport your stuff would be by air, and although transporting by air is a lot faster than transporting by ship, it is quite a bit more expensive.
  • Ocean Shipping: if your shipment is a very large one, transporting over the ocean would likely be your best option. Shipping with a freight shipping company over the ocean is also recommended if you wish to transport household goods or cars. Customizing the service you receive means you need to find a quality company that will follow your special instructions when dealing with your cargo. A good example of special needs would be things such as; if your shipment must be delivered on time, because it contains perishable items, then you will need to find a Nigerian freight shipping company that offers refrigeration facilities when it reaches the destination.

I hope you learnt a lot on the best options to use when shipping your cargo? Do you have questions or suggestions? Sound off your comments in the box below.

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Chibuike Ogbuanu is the Founder/CEO of Nigeria’s Indigenous Freight-Forwarding & Logistics Company – Chibyke Global Systems Limited – where he provides reliable air freight-forwarding services across Nigeria consistently.

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