Nigeria Custom Clearance Procedure: How To Clear Goods At Ports

Nigeria Custom Clearance Procedure: How To Clear Goods At Ports

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Are you planning to import goods into Nigeria, but need to clear your goods from the airports or seaports without any form of assistance from a freight forwarding or customs clearing agent?

This article will guide you through the customs clearance procedure in Nigeria with minimal stress.

Cargo Advice:

Once an airway bill is generated and received, the first thing to be done is to go to the airline’s office for CARGO ADVICE. Once this advice is received, payment is made either to the bank or at the office for the release of documents.

Customs Clearance Documentation & Duty Payment:

Once the documents are released, the next step is to proceed to the DTI CAFE to capture the said airway bill in the customs data bank. This is when we say in our local parlance that you are RUNNING your ENTRY. A customs ASSESSMENT is first generated. The amount to be generated is based on the weight of any said consignment.

For example:

  • 0-500kg could pay a total duty of N70, 000 naira.
  • 501kg-1000kg may pay N150, 000 to N175, 000 and so on.

For PAAR jobs, duty is generated based on the value of goods as stated in the FORM M and Commercial Invoice.

Nigeria Custom Clearance Procedure at ports

Release of Goods from Nigeria Customs:

Once the customs duty is paid, you will proceed to the sheds to effect release of goods from any assigned customs releasing officer. Release of goods is done in various units. These units include:

  • customs investigating unit CIU,
  • TALLY,
  • PM provost marshal.
  • Police
  • DMI
  • SON
  • SSS, etc.

These units are all involved in the physical examination of goods here. On every airway bill, the DC SHED is responsible for the final releasing of jobs. His stamp on every entry shows that your goods has gone through the rigors of releasing and is ready to take delivery.

Nigeria Custom Clearance charges

Customs Clearance Charges:

While delivery process is going on with the Nigeria Customs Service, you must have initiated the process of paying rent to the cargo handling company (i.e. NAHCO or SAHCOL).

The cost of handling is done at N52 naira per kilogram of shipment including VAT. Once handling and GATE PASS is obtained from the handling company, you are free to take delivery. Remember that Customs Duty and Handling go side by side.

From the DC SHED’s office after his final stamp, one now proceeds to make photocopies of his ENTRY which amount to a total of 11 copies for the 11 different units at the sheds. These copies are handed over to them for record purposes at easy passage of consignments from the various gates. Despite these official processes and payments, you still need to settle all these units before delivery is made.

Nigeria Custom Clearance contraband

Clearing of Contraband Goods:

For general goods that come as CB (contraband), payments are made at the Customs command per bag. These contrabands have different values for payment ranging from #2,000 per bag to as high as N30,000 per bag. The types of goods that fall into this category include:





Rugs, etc.


I hope you have learned how to clear your goods. If you have further questions, ask in the comments below.

If you need an experienced freight forwarder or customs agent to clear your goods for you, talk to us.

Further Information:

Clearance Procedures – Nigeria Customs Administration

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