How Important is Shipping in Nigeria’s E-commerce Business?

How Important is Shipping in Nigeria’s E-commerce Business?

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It really bothers me when I hear Nigerian e-commerce entrepreneurs making excuses or saying that they don’t have the proper shipping system or budget to hire professional “Shipping Company” in Nigeria.

I don’t have that extra money to spend either. But when it comes to fulfilling and delivering goods sold to your clients, you can’t afford to joke with speedy and efficient delivery.

You can optimize your website, signage, and marketing, but if you can’t deliver what the customer ordered when they expect it,  it’s all for naught.

The bottom line is customers are going to blame you if the product isn’t delivered when they’re supposed to have it. They’re not going to blame the postal service.

So, when a customer places an order in your online store, don’t wait! Package your product immediately, the same day if possible. Figure out a system and/or hire the help of a shipping company to ship things quickly and efficiently will keep your customers happy.

Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Here are 4 Guidelines to Shipping Your Goods On-time

Before deciding on how to ship things in e-commerce and get started in developing a shipping policy, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

How much will on-time shipping cost me?

You should always do your research ahead before selling, so you don’t end up losing money on shipping. Find out how to ship products ahead of time and what it is going to cost you.

Discover what is best for your product, such as box sizes, packaging materials, and package guidelines.

Do I want to offer free shipping to my customers?

Free shipping is one of the numerous ways to encourage your customers to shop in your online store, because customers are willing to spend more money if you eliminate shipping costs.

Do I need to insure my goods?

Selling online is risky therefore it’s always advisable to insure every package you send, or only expensive products. If you feel that insurance is expensive, then you can pass the cost of insurance on to the customer. But, make sure to say so when explaining how you ship things.

Is international shipping worth it?

International shipping opens your business to the world. It exposes you to a global market and higher profits in your online store.

But, the disadvantages of international shipping include; higher costs, fraud, and uncertainty.

Therefore, when deciding how to ship things internationally, find out the risks involved.



Hiring a professional shipping company is an investment that saves your reputation from disaster. Because, when customers are happy, they tell 3 friends. But when they are disappointed, they tell 3000 friends.

Happy Shipping!

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